Medical Nutrition Therapy

In medical nutrition therapy I apply the science of nutrition to optimise your health and and happiness. In tandem, I minimise and hopefully cure your individual health concerns. The goal is nutritional balance, and the pathway to achieving this is always individualised: we are all unique and respecting this is a cornerstone of my practice as a dietitian. You will not receive generic diet plans.
Nutrients, the components of food, influence how your body functions, how protected you are against disease and also help to determine how your body responds to changes in the environment. Certain dietary components will work to switch genes you have inherited on or off, thereby increasing or decreasing your risk of developing a disease. Even if you have a condition which is already active, medical nutrition therapy can play quite a significant role in the onset, incidence, progression and severity of the disease. In many cases, changes in diet can majorly influence the intensity of the disease process if not actually cure it. I have always said that I do not see any reason why people shouldn’t be eating a diet which is rich in whole, natural foods – I believe we should all be working towards it as it is one of the surest ways to have a full, vibrant life with optimised physical and mental health.
The dietary advice you receive is based on your:
  • Medical history
  • Dietary history
  • Blood test results
Medical nutrition therapy is considered a complementary medicine: I work hand-in-hand with other medical practitioners of your choice. I strongly recommend continued care by medical doctors and if we succeed in improving your symptoms, weaning off pharmaceutical medication will always be done with your doctor’s help.
Conditions treated: 

I offer a safe, non judgmental place to discuss your health challenges and goals for the future. 
I have experience with a wide range of conditions, such as, but not limited to: Heart disease, diabetes, overweight and obesity, PMT, digestive disorders, skin disorders, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, infertility, paediatric health, autoimmune disorders, underweight, eating disorders, migraines, depression, anxiety and sports nutrition.

In addition I offer:
  • Family nutrition counselling

  • Couple's nutrition counselling

  • Nutrition writing

  • Corporate wellness services

  • Nutrition talks



What you can expect:

  • A nutrition plan tailored exclusively to you and your needs.

  • To experience a lot of truly enjoyable eating.

  • No diets, no sense of deprivation.

  • To learn more about nutrition and health.

  • To be able to make the best eating choice for you wherever you are.

  • To be able to leave a diet of processed food behind you with relative ease (it will not be as painful as you fear - I promise!).

  • Contact with me to support you between sessions.

"we are all unique and respecting this is a cornerstone of my practice as a dietitian"