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Our hearts, science and common sense

I must confess I felt just a teeny bit smug reading the news this week; a Postgraduate Medical Journal editorial hailed the benefits of a Mediterranean diet versus the usual low calorie, low fat diet which has led us (bottom line) precisely nowhere health wise.

I have had eyebrows raised at me, and been tut tutted, for recommending avocados, natural nuts and plentiful extra virgin olive oil in NHS (read: traditional dietetic) settings. Colleagues would worry about the fat content I was prescribing and I would literally have to dig out research papers to show just how much the science was behind me. It feels good to be right heehee.

The PMJ editorial not only shows the incredible power of Mediterranean style eating, but also highlights the damaging impact of the diet industry with its promotion of calorie restriction instead of 'good nutrition'. One of my favourite quotes from the article:

'The lead author, cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, says the scientific evidence is overwhelming.

"What's more responsible is that we tell people to concentrate on eating nutritious foods"'. You don't say? ;-)

I also grinned when Prof Stephenson is quoted speaking about the state of our hospital food (both inpatient and the fast food outlets which are dominating many hospitals food areas): It is only common sense that hospitals should lead the way in providing healthy, whole foods to patients when they are most in need of health promoting nutrition. I have often said how strange it is to work in a hospital, watching people guzzle down fried foods, which watching ambulances drive in with people who have succumbed to the side effects these foods overwhelmingly contribute to. I cannot understand how this topsy turvy world came about - and I hope to God I get to live long enough to see our hospitals full of people chomping down on colourful foods drizzled in olive oil, feeling well and happy.

Here's my favourite quote of all --- I've been waiting a long time for someone so prominent to say this about calorie counting (one of the dietetic tools which drives me most mad and is an insult to our intellgence!): Thank you professor David Haslam:

"A calorie is not just a calorie and it is naive for anyone to think the complex hormonal and neurological appetite systems of the body respond to different substances in the diet in identical fashion."

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! Please stop counting calories and start eating FOOD!!! Watch what happens :-) (not just to your body, but to your mood :-))

Please read the full article here:


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