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High fat diet, your microbiome and your brain

The connection between gut health and numerous psychiatric conditions has been established by research for a while. I can certainly attest to it anecdotally through my clinical experience; how many gloriously sensitive patients have walked through my door with complaints of falling into a spiral of anxiety/depression and inexplicable gastric symptoms. I enjoy the challenge of unraveling the root causes, particularly because I became a nutritionist because of my own struggles with IBS, It is wonderful to return a patient to a state of vitality and increased self awareness: what a job!

A fascinating piece of research recently released highlighted the impact a high fat diet has on the gut microbiome (those vital little bacterial populations which line our gut) - it changes which bacteria reside there, which in turn alters brain function for the negative. Although the research was performed on mice, I fully believe the same effects would be seen in people. Negative symptoms seen in the mice fed a high fat diet included an increase in anxiety levels, impaired memory and an increase in repetitive behaviours. On a physical level, the permeability of their guts were increased (not good - can send substances through to the blood stream which are not supposed to be there) and increases in markers of inflammation in the brain.

What we eat has a great impact on how we feel in our body and soul - any one who has changed from a junk riddled diet to a clean, natural one will attest to the mindblowing change in vitality and happiness they feel. Come and see me if you'd like to experience the change.

In the meantime, I hope more research will be done to compare the impact of cold pressed plant based fats and fish oils versus conventionally raised animal sourced fats: I know there will be a difference in the inflammation markers and microbiome impacts.

Here's a link to the paper:

Now go eat some greens! Happy weekend everyone :-)


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