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The genius of simplicity: fighting anaemia with the lucky iron fish project

Iron deficiency anaemia is the most common nutrition deficiency in the world, and I want to give Dr. Christopher Charles a huge hug for his incredible invention which is showing beautiful results! Being anaemic is not fun at all - the lethargy, inability to concentrate, lack of development in children and immune system weakness predisposes a person to be a very poor version of their optimal selves, which is a sad thing when you think of how common it is all over the globe: about 50% of people in developing countries have iron deficiency anaemia.

Unlike us, most people touched with this deficiency are unable to just pop to the health food shop or pharmacy and get an iron supplement. Professor Charles recognised this and invented the lucky iron fish (a happy symbol in Cambodia, where the project began): all you need to do is boil the fish in water or soup for ten minutes, and a good daily dose of iron leaches into the food. Results are showing that this lucky little fish is indeed curing the anaemia! So simple, and so very cool.

Read more about it here:


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