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Bailey Farstad



My name is Bailey Farstad and I am a Nutrigenomics Counselor based in Norway. I am originally from the US and worked as a research physicist for nearly a decade. I’ve worked with amazing research groups from around the globe, including several Nobel Laureates, and even worked on projects for NASA. When I suddenly became ill myself, and in an effort to help myself, I enrolled in a master’s program in biomedical physics, which includes the study of biophysics, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, epigenetics and physiology. Thanks to my education and work as an analyst, I was able to take a deep dive into my genetics to find faulty genes that were contributing to my ill health and this led me to pursue a career as a Nutrigenomics Counselor. In short, not only do I understand how devastating it is to suddenly lose your health, but I also know exactly how impactful a Nutrigenomic protocol can be in helping you regain your health.

One of the aspects that I enjoy best when working with Dalia is her holistic approach and passion in helping clients that truly matches my own. I find that uncovering the cause of a client’s ill health and helping them to be the absolutely most rewarding job in the world. Where Dalia and I differ in practice is that she is trained to recognize and treat symptoms and nutritional deficiencies, while my training is as an analyst and researcher and I rely heavily on data. I take a deep dive into your genetics, labs and symptoms and find underlying contributing gene defects that we can treat with nutrition and lifestyle (gene-nutrient interaction is Nutrigenomics). Dalia then utilizes my analysis and to counsel and guide you on your Nutrigenomic protocol towards your health goals. Sharing a passion for our clients, our partnership is truly the best of both worlds with a world class Dietician-practitioner and Nutrigenomic-analyst.

For more information, please visit Bailey's website:

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