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Client Feedback

Because hearing from former and current clients is reassuring. 

I extend my gratitude to everyone who has left their feedback for others to read. 


'I found Dalia to be a brilliant, passionate and empowering woman. She also has personal qualities that make her special; affirmative, trustworthy, non-judgemental, well-cultured and kind. She is a true role model'

‘I left her care in better health than before I became ill’


'I can’t thank this lady enough for sorting me out. I was in tears daily and all I needed was someone to do the thinking for me and help me get better'


'I've had more counsellors then I care to remember, but none of them have brought me to a place of actually wanting to be free of anorexic behaviours'


'Within two weeks of my first session with Dalia nearly all of the pain I experienced on a daily basis disappeared'


'Your sessions have honestly changed my life'

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