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Nick Harris

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Nick Harris

Nick is a member of the International Coaching Federation to which he is accredited as a Master Certified Coach. He has been coaching for 18 years with over 4,500 client hours. Previous to this he was a teacher, following which he worked in a large corporate organisation to become a technical team leader and senior project manager. 

He has extensive experience of supporting people through those challenging transitions which we all face at times in our lives. He loves working with a diversity of clients and works with anyone who feels stuck or in need of a change, whether focused around executive, career or life coaching, in order to support them in achieving the outcomes and fulfilment that they want. 

Nick shares with Dalia a holistic approach to supporting his clients, which involves understanding what is contributing to difficulties in the present and leveraging the inner resources which will enable them to thrive. 

His style of coaching is psychologically and trauma informed, which means that he can work deeply with clients to enable them to develop greater resilience and overcome the obstacles which they face. 

Nick also enjoys supervising and mentoring other coaches to support them in having a more profound impact in their work. 

To find out more, please visit Nick’s website: 

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