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Privacy Policy

Click the icon to download the Privacy Consent Form. 

Digitally fill in the PDF by clicking and typing the blank sections. 

Data Collection

In order to perform my job I keep confidential records and information about my clients. Data collection begins when a potential client contacts me through my website Contact Form, voicemail, SMS, email (Gmail account), postal letters, Facebook or WhatsApp. I will then respond to the enquiry in the method the client stated was their preference. During client consultations I take clinical notes of information pertinent to my client’s treatment (medical and nutritional history, treatment goals, lifestyle choices and achievements) on paper. Sometimes I type this to the client (when requested) and send it via email (Gmail), WhatsApp or SMS. I take full measures to keep all information completely confidential: I only sending encrypted email, I password protect portable devices, I run up to date antiviral software and keep paper notes locked away. All data is only seen by me. If I share the information with anyone, e.g. a client’s GP it is only with clear consent from my client.

Website & Cookies

My website is hosted by Wix and is an online platform where a client can learn about the service I offer and make contact with me through the contact form. Wix itself states it is fully GDPR compliant. What a client chooses to enter in the contact form is their choice (my email address and phone number is included on the website if they prefer to contact me this way). Clients and visitors to the website should be aware that Wix uses the following cookies in running the website: svSession, hs, incap_ses_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID}, incap_visid_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID}, nlbi_{ID}, XSRF-TOKEN and smSession.

Subject Access Policy

Any data or information I obtain about my client is only taken in order to provide the best service possible and to continually quality assure the service provided. Records are kept for seven years and are then destroyed securely. I recognise that on rare occasion a client may want to exercise their rights under the GDPR and make a subject access request in respect of their personal information held by me. I will release this information, once an application is made in writing together with proof of identity (passport/driving license and proof of address). Upon application receipt I will respond to your request within one calendar month. By signing the consent form (detailed below) a client acknowledges that they understand and agree with my subject access policy for the nutrition consultation notes.


Once a client reaches out and makes contact with me, I send a consent form for contact along with my response. The consent form allows a client the opportunity to communicate which kind of contact is welcome to them and also confirms they understand this privacy policy.

My messages (whether gmail, sms, Whatsapp or letter) are always responses to enquiries: I do not seek out clients by sending messages which are not directly invited. I do not market or sell any products and am not affiliated with any companies: my only purpose for contacting clients is to offer nutrition counselling in order to enhance health and wellness once they have invited me to do so. I also do not send out newsletters or group emails.

Disclosure of Personal Data

I provide a private and confidential form of help. I hold information about each of my clients and the guidance they receive in confidence. This means I will not normally give your name or any information about you to anyone else. However, there are exceptional cases where I may ethically or legally have to give information to relevant authorities. For example if I had reason to believe that someone, especially a child, is at risk of serious harm. I will discuss any proposed disclosure with my client unless I believe that to do so would increase the level of risk to my client or someone else.

If you come to consult with a partner, friend or family member I may also want to see each of you individually. What is said in these individual sessions will be confidential and not shared with the partner/friend/family member.

Ethics & Professional Development

I comply with the code of ethics and practice as covered by the Health and Care Professions Council (UK), the British Dietetic Association (UK) and the Commission for Dietetic Registration (USA). As required by all dietitians, I continue to undergo continuing education and reach out for supervision where necessary.

Cancellation Policy

If you intend to cancel your appointment, at least 24 hours notice should be given. If an appointment is missed or cancellation is given with less than 24 hours notice the full appointment fee will be charged. Please also be mindful that there is a waiting list of clients seeking help: if you don’t require the space please free it up as soon as you know.

Feedback & Complaints 

I welcome all feedback and if you make a complaint I will always take it seriously: it allows me to improve the service I offer to all my clients. Clients also reserve the right to complain to the ICO if they feel there is a problem with how I’m handling their data.

Data Breach

I have procedures in place to detect, report and investigate any personal data breaches. I am a member of the ICO.

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