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As some of you may know, I have had the fun position of nutrition consulting work with Hotel Chocolat for the last couple of years. Recently, I was asked to taste their new Supermilk range, launching this weekend, and it is indeed a very exciting development for the world of milk chocolate: They have managed to create a pure milk chocolate which is 65% cocoa solids (most milk chocolates are no more than 20 odd %) and with at least half the sugar of other milk/dark chocolates on the market: Cocoa solids are the health promoting part of chocolate based foods. This also means that their bars are higher in protein and fibre, so as far as chocolate treats go, these are an excellent, low glycaemic choice.

The wonderful thing about Hotel Chocolat is their engaged ethics, commitment to pure ingredients and willingness to evolve into new territory. They are also a fantastic bunch of people full of vitality. I will be watching curiously as to how these take off. Meanwhile, here's a link to their page about them, with a little quote by me in the middle.


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