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Testimonial: Type 2 Diabetes

Hello everyone!

Hope the approaching winter is treating you well. I'm happy to be embracing soup season (everyone knows I love soup!) :-)

I received a lovely testimonial this evening from a dear patient who was gifted a couple of sessions (later turned into four sessions) with me from his son. In the few months we worked together we reversed his type 2 diabetes and he is now experiencing normal blood sugar levels. In addition to this, he has lost a significant amount of weight (with some more to come off, which will only further improve his health) and has much better energy levels. There is truly nothing more fulfilling then watching people return to their healthier, happier selves - all through the power of food!

This patient was so admirably motivated and the results really show his commitment to putting his wellness first. Of course this could only be achieved by ensuring he was eating foods which are naturally delicious and filling. No calorie, carb or fat counting done!

Type 2 diabetics - please remember - you don't have to end up on insulin (as many doctors tell you); you can reverse this condition or at least minimise its impacts: work with a good dietitian and let your diagnosis be a trigger for even better health!

Testimonial below (with great thanks) :-)

Little did I know how my son's birthday gift of initially two consultations with Dalia would have such a beneficial affect on me, it's a great feeling to be back control of my life, with food as my medicine and that's what Dalia has given me!

Over the years I'd let my diabetes rob me of my zest for life, being over weight, continually tired and all the other ailments associated with being diabetic for more than 10 years!

I found Dalia very approachable with a laid back professional manner, putting me instantly at ease, she understood where I was coming from and the changes made to my eating plan (note I didn't say diet!) made a lot of sense, especially after explaining how our bodies react to the foods we eat! I now feel I'm getting some of that zest back, I've lost some weight, my blood sugar levels are down and I've a spring in my step :-) all thanks to you Dalia. Thank you!


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