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Testimonial: Couples Nutrition Therapy

Hello everyone!

Well, winter has arrived after the most beautiful summer and autumn. Clinics are running at full steam and I'm really enjoying watching people feel better and achieve their dreams with their restored health.

Most nutrition consultations are with individuals but I do get quite a number of couples approaching me for help - I find this to be a very positive thing. The person (or people) we choose to spend our day to day life with has a huge impact on us. All relationships are a dance of boundaries - where do we come together and where do we come apart? Food and eating is very much involved with this dynamic and sometimes it can get a bit muddled. I help to detangle this knot leading to a more peaceful home environment with regards to decisions about food.

Alternatively, sometimes a couple see eye-to-eye on wanting to learn to eat in a different way - for example, adding more plant based food. Or wanting to eat less sugar. In this situation, the couple act as a wonderful, front-line support network for each other - it makes change a lot easier to do and less lonely!

The testimonial below is from a wonderful couple I worked with earlier this year who did phenomenally well. I was very moved, each and every session, with the support they offered each other in wanting to learn to eat better, to hopefully feel better. They did feel much better.

Well done G and J - it was a pleasure!

I went to see Dalia having made a firm resolution to tackle the hormonal issues I was battling. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20’s which, aside from hirsutism, had never really presented any more problems for me. However, in my last 20’s and in to my 30’s, I was suffering from migraines, night-sweats, heavy periods, breast tenderness, bloating and weight-gain, and extreme anxiety pre-menstruation. Each month, I would have to ‘recover’ from the awful experiences, only to brace myself for them a few weeks later! My husband and I faced infertility at the same time, so emotionally, we were going through a lot too.

During our first session, I immediately knew Dalia ‘got’ me; she totally understood, empathised and offered me hope. I felt so much more secure just from our conversation. My husband and I decided to see her together, as we wanted a consolidated eating programme for both of us. My husband also had a few digestion issues with bloating.

Dalia really works with you as a patient, making sure that you set realistic and achievable goals. She also takes time to assess how foods are affecting you, not just jumping to conclusions. As a registered dietician, we felt in very safe hands, knowing there was science behind her advice. Within 6 months of slowly coming off wheat, dairy and caffeine, the physical and emotional results were unbelievable and transformative.

No more migraines, much reduced breast tenderness, little or no pre-menstrual bloating, hirsutism improved, and a much calmer mood! My periods were also significantly lighter, and I stopped having any night-sweats! My husband was overjoyed! It’s greatly increased my confidence and has made me realise how much I was putting up with before.

As well as giving up various foods, Dalia also recommended supplements. The wonderful thing about Dalia is her warmth, humour and holistic approach - she is just as keen to recommend rest and being kind to yourself as she is having a green salad every day!

She was happy for me to contact her when I needed to, so it felt like I had a real life-line of support. I know I couldn’t have done it without her.

My husband has also found any bloating reduced, and energy levels up!

We are now avid proponents of healthy eating! (And now we understand what that means ;-))


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