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An introduction, a little story and a tip (or two)…

Welcome back to Dalia’s blog. It’s been a little while since she’s been able to post due to helping so many patients in clinic – this is where I come in.

Hello, I’m Isobel and I am an ex-patient!

My sister was the driving force behind getting me into Dalia’s wonderful care. A long story short I was suffering hugely with IBS, anxiety and panic disorders, phobias and OCD style disordered eating and a few more lovely extras whilst barely being able to function day to day. Nothing else had worked prior to working with Dalia, it felt like I had tried everything. Dalia’s methods were largely effective. Getting me to eat things I hadn’t been able to eat in a long time (broccoli I’m looking at you), touching raw chicken, eating eggs and building my confidence up. She nurtured my mind as well as my starving body and her knowledge and experience still ‘wow’ me. She offered me the opportunity to work with her on the digital side of her business and here we are - a new website, an updated social media presence and soon some new learning resources for everyone.

It’s safe to say I’ve learnt a lot and in combination with Dalia, my posts will hopefully create a space for others to learn, offer practical suggestions, some fun and a bit of science of course. Now I promised a tip (or two) so here it goes. Its early spring in the UK right now and the sun has been popping out to say hello. Let us honour the sun by leaving our desks, our beds and our sofas and nipping out for a short sunny walk as often as possible. Walking has wonderful benefits (which we will cover in another post), as well as fresh air and sunshine. It’s worth noting that for our bodies to produce vitamin D we need to wait until May (we’re so close!). This is due to the where the UK is on the globe so supplementation is still recommended by Dalia. If you aren’t able to walk far that’s okay too, a little is always better than nothing – a philosophy you’ll get to know well here. If you aren’t able to walk then don’t worry, you can enjoy sitting outside and bringing your attention to your breathing and surroundings.

Take three deep breaths wherever you are. How does that feel? Let us know in the comments!

Isobel xox



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