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Testimonial: PMT/PMS CAN be Managed with Nutrition Therapy!

What a lovely moment to be sitting here, writing, as I look forward to returning to clinic tomorrow. I wanted to write a little post here, and include a patient testimonial, about my work with women and the challenges they face with their menstrual cycle. I realised that my return to clinic tomorrow signifies the end stages of the larger feminine cycle - that of having a baby.

Nine weeks ago I gave birth to my third child and I've been busy riding the birth recovery waves since then: regaining my strength, getting to know my baby, learning to breastfeed him, settling him into my family and so on. I am so grateful for him coming to me. I am also greatly looking forward to returning to the work I love. Women can often feel enslaved to our hormones...this is very fresh for me looking back over the last year where I suffered a miscarriage followed by a healthy pregnancy (mountains of nausea, reflux, weight gain, joy, gratitude, fear and more). Birth and the days leading up to it feel like the ultimate PMT/PMS ever, and are difficult to control with lifestyle choices apart from breathing through it all knowing the end result will be worth it. Real PMT/PMS is, however, incredibly well managed with lifestyle choices!

Women are such cyclical beings, and our periods great communicators about whether our lifestyle choices are agreeing with us. In our society, suffering greatly around our periods seems to be the accepted norm: it doesn't have to be this way and it actually shouldn't be this way. The way we eat, move, sleep and manage stress has a great impact on how our hormones behave. Learning to regain our natural (read: unintrusive) periods is a wonderful learning process which lets us know more about our character strengths and challenges and moreoever, helps to protect our health and happiness for the long term.

Please see the testimonial below from a recent patient A.Z. who came to me suffering a lot and left a much more contented woman. As always, I am so grateful for the opportunity to help!

Women - don't put up with the pain, mood swings, loss of energy, bloating and more - every day of your life is a gift; it shouldn't be marred with unnecessary suffering.

Before I saw Dalia, I was suffering from frequent migraines, bloating, anxiety and premenstrual syndrome. As a PhD student planning for a future in academia, I was finding it difficult to take a good care of my body. I came to see Dalia to explore the power of food over my mental and physical health. I remember that after the first session I called my mom crying of happiness that I felt there is hope for me to have a more enjoyable life.

First, we worked on building a rhythm, so I kept a food journal for several weeks. With her insight and experience, Dalia could figure out patterns that were causing unpleasant symptoms. Together, we worked on building new habits and learning useful techniques.

Second, I had to give up what I loved the most; coffee (caffeine). At first, I thought it is going to be impossible. But with time, effort and Dalia’s suggestions and advice, I could be off caffeine completely. This lowered my anxiety and painful cramps tremendously. Honestly, I would never go back to having coffee or tea as I used to.

Also, as she noticed my interest in “research”, Dalia suggested plenty of references (articles, books, and videos) that helped me understand the underlying science behind her advice. Within a few months, I developed a new lifestyle that I will keep for the rest of my life. As a young woman planning a family soon, I will definitely come back to see her.

I found Dalia to be a brilliant, passionate and empowering woman. She also has personal qualities that make her special; affirmative, trustworthy, non-judgemental, well-cultured and kind. She is a true role model.


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