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I stopped having scales in my practice 99% of the time, a couple of years ago. I'd had enough of watching my patient's self esteem and sense of success rely on these numbers only: To watch someone fall apart after making courageous life changes, just because the scale did not drop its numbers is heartbreaking and completely unfair. I disliked the way the scales over simplified the definition of success on a nutritional journey. I also disliked the way they triggered obsessive thoughts in patients who are prone to over worry about weight. There are so many other ways to tell if you're on the right path: your mood, skin, bloat (or lack of), energy, cravings, blood test results, blood pressure...I can go on. Yes, it is important to have a healthy body weight...but it is more important to have the right shape (trim waist) and to feel revitalised by a diet packed with fresh, whole foods (mostly plant based). In any case, eating right and getting enough movement will easily bring you to your ideal body weight, without need to count one calorie or gram of fat. How fun and relieving!

If you must weigh yourself, do it once a week, at the same time (preferably after a bowel movement) -- but don't worry if the numbers tell you a different story to what you would like to hear....getting healthy and balanced is a journey, not a destination. In fact, we're always striving for's a work in progress. Manage your expectations!


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