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Testimonial: Treating Digestive Problems Naturally

Did you know that laxatives are among the most popular over the counter medications sold in countries like the UK, USA and Australia? Take a moment to think about it - a huge amount of people find it very difficult to simply poo! Isn't there something sad and a little absurd about that? Most of us aren't eating in a way which is optimal for gut health.

I say it without judgment. I had horrific digestive problems growing up and know the problem well. In fact, it was among the symptoms which inspired me to do the work I do today - I am grateful for what it taught me.

What concerns me is that there is an apparent lack of knowledge among many medical professionals regarding how we can get the bowel moving without resorting to laxatives. These medications can be, at best, contributors to a lazy bowel over time and at worst, downright traumatic!

Often times, if a person experiences a problem with their digestion, their first port of call will quite naturally be their GP. Sometimes a GP will refer the patient onto a gastroenterologist and sometimes not. Either way, I have encountered too many patients (both paediatric and adult) suffering with constipation who have been too aggressively treated with laxatives (by both GP's and gastroenterologists). I'm not happy about it: Patients have been doubled over in pain, have found it scary to leave the house, have felt nauseous to the point of vomiting and more due to unnecessarily high doses of aggressive laxatives.

I agree when there is constipation we need to clear the bowel: the question is how and that's where I can help!

I use a combination of dietary changes, types of fluids, movement techniques as well as toilet posture changes to encourage the bowel to move. While it can take longer than a laxative, the lessons learned are life long because we are solving the actual problem, not merely masking it and possibly causing more damage.

The digestive system is a sensitive, emotionally receptive passageway which is a core force in overall health promotion and maintenance. If you have disruption there, listen to it and get to the bottom (no pun intended heehee) of the issue. And don't forget, the added bonus of fixing it with diet is the wonderful increase in plant based nutrients that happens when we add bowel friendly foods!

Here's a testimonial from H, mother of 16 year old G who suffered greatly with constipation which was aggressively treated with increasing overdoses of laxatives by his doctor. He was then discharged from treatment on the laxatives without any other help. Thanks to his hard work on dietary changes he is now feeling back to normal: I'm delighted.

I would definitely recommend Dalia to anyone suffering digestive issues like my 16 year old son. He developed stomach problems in the Autumn of 2017. I decided to seek Dalia's help, as the laxative treatment recommended by his GP was irritating his stomach even more. As soon as he was off the laxatives and following Dalia's eating plan, his stomach began to recover and the issues he had began to resolve very quickly. He was recently able to reintroduce gluten with no ill effects, but has also worked out that dairy seems to be the culprit. She was so supportive with lots of friendly advice on all aspects of his life, not just eating - she treats the whole, not just the part which seems to be wrong. Anyone worried about their children following a diet should know that my son stuck to Dalia's recommendations quite easily and if he really missed a particular food or didn't like a particular food, she would find a way around it. I would not hesitate to recommend Dalia to anyone needing dietary help, both children and adults.'


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