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The White Out campaign; weaning baby

Yesterday I was caught up in a discussion about the best way to wean babies onto solids. Current guidelines recommend NOT giving whole grains to babies to prevent them from getting full too quickly. Instead, parents are advised to give babies processed grain based carbohydrates such as white bread, and white rice. I couldn't disagree more with the guidelines. Human beings were not designed to digest processed, fibre-free carbohydrates; none exist in nature. They are a direct contributor to the obesity epidemic we see today. Babies are at a crucial stage of development when they learn all about satiety signals while eating. We are supposed to get full up on higher fibre foods -- this prevents us overeating empty calories. Babies all over the world are fed avocados, vegetables, legumes and seed pastes as first foods. I agree that processed high fibre foods are not wise choices for babies (such as all bran, or bran flakes -- these are too harsh on the gut without the softer endosperm - starch rich portion of the grain - which naturally occurs together with whole grains)....and again, these are not natural. But when we're talking about REAL whole grains (not Nestle cereals for example), such as brown rice, barley and oats -- give your baby whole grains! This paediatrician feels so strongly about the matter, he started his White Out campaign!


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