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Tube feeding properly

Every dietitian needs to complete a clinical internship during training. Typically, the internship includes some time spent in various specialities in a hospital setting. I decided to complete a full years clinical internship within a tertiary care hospital setting. I often found myself in floods of tears with despair: I had pictured myself as a dietitian, helping my sick patients feel better using food but in reality I felt little more than a waitress for the tube feeding formula/meal replacement companies such as Ensure. I even had one patient, dying of pancreatic cancer, scream at me 'what is the point of you???'. It hurt - not because she was rightly angry at my pathetic and embarrassing input to her painful journey. It hurt because I wanted so badly to be allowed to do more, but was limited in what was considered acceptable as an intern. I would often quietly tell their families not to bother with the Ensure but to go home and make a nutrient dense soup, blend it and feed it to their loved one instead. You can imagine how overjoyed I was to find out that one company has created food supplements on a whole foods basis. It is inexcusable that people who are very ill are fed high glycaemic, additive rich food. There is no room for nutritional error when people are that ill; only the best should do. The company below is giving me a lot of hope. If you know someone who is tube fed please contact them


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