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Butter is allowed: media recklessness

What an infuriating article in The Telegraph today.

Here's the link:

I am the first to agree that a healthy diet is not as simple as avoiding saturated fats and almost always encourage clients who want to spread butter on their toast to have a little organic butter (and to universally avoid margarine). This article is, however, beyond irresponsible. Once it claims that all the warnings against saturated fats were wrong, it asks an innocent sounding little question of 'so what should you be adding to your shopping basket?'. Note, it uses the word 'adding' like it is some kind of recommended health move. And according to the article we should be ADDING:

Butter and lard - what KIND of butter? No mention of the different qualities and the impact of the diet/lifestyle of the animal on its butter fats. Full fat yoghurts - ok, as long as they're not sugared and flavoured, which turns them into a dessert. Full fat milk - ok, in small amounts. Pies - seriously? SERIOUSLY? Did you SERIOUSLY publish this to a nation struggling with epidemic inflammatory disease? Cakes and biscuits (within reason, of course) - and WHAT does within reason mean? No diet requires the ADDITION of cakes/biscuits for health. Have a bit if you fancy it in addition to a healthy diet but understand you're eating it for your soul, not to improve your health. Seriously??!! Fatty cuts of meat - what KIND of meat? Grass fed or raised in a pen too narrow to be able to even turn around, rendering it's body fat pro inflammatory for human disease? Sausages - what KIND of sausages, from what KIND of meat? Bacon - what KIND of bacon and prepared in what way? Cheese and cream - oh you know, just wallop some cheap old cream and cheese over your face and down your throat because its so much better for you then some broccoli and nuts now, isn't it? Let's no bother differentiating between healthier and less healthy versions of foods to actually help people, that would be no fun! Better to say 'pie is a health food everyone, tuck in!'. Chocolate - what KIND of chocolate? And how much?

How much of any of these foods is considered a healthy addition dear Telegraph? Attention grabbing, destructive headlines taking advantage of people's great challenges in this often toxic food environment. Wrong on so many levels; for human health, for animal health, for our planet. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Please do NOT follow this advice. The healthiest nations of the world eat a plant based diet of fresh, unprocessed foods and their animal derived protein is in small portions from animals who have been raised according to the dictates of nature i.e. a cow which is allowed to eat grass in the fresh air, not fed 'cow food' in a pen.

Please ignore all articles which claim to have released us from the shackles of dietary restriction of the most indulgent foods on the planet. YOU are the ones who will pay with your health, not the reckless journalists who write these ignorant, lazy reports.

Oh, and by the way, most pies are made with the cheapest of margarines.


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