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Inspiring Danish plan to combat childhood obesity

You only have to walk around a school these days (particularly secondary schools) to see just how many children are walking around with excess weight. Let's be straight - childhood is a time for the body to be as lean as genetically possible, with muscles, no waistband fat overhang and defined shape: We are sadly not seeing this. Instead we are seeing children develop what were age related diseases in their teens! It's heartbreaking.

A BBC article (posted below) has highlighted a tremendously successful plan to combat the childhood obesity crisis hitting Denmark. What I love about it the most is it's practical, straightforward guidelines (versus handing over a calorie count/specific food choices) which encompass all aspects of a child's lifestyle.

Anyone who sees me in clinic with children or teenagers and their parents will know I bang on about screen time, the whole family changing lifestyle together and going to bed on time: It is wonderful to see what a central part it was of this great scheme. Other highlights include focusing more on vegetables than fruits, ensuring more social interaction through activity and encouraging savoury, protein rich breakfasts.

For the full article click here:

Well done Denmark!


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