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Vegan meatballs

The last time I ate red meat was when I was eleven (not counting the time my mother in law planted some beef in the 'chicken' meat balls she made just for me a few years ago - eeek!). I am not against people eating meat but I do feel they should be able to psychologically deal with the whole process of slaughtering an animal they have reared with love. I also believe we should only eat animals who have had the chance to fulfill their nature; grazing on vegetation in fresh air,

growing at natural speeds and breeding in natural ways.

Factory farming of animals should simply be promptly phased out for its impact on those animals, on the health of people who eat those animals and for the environmental consequences.

I am honoured to treat all kinds of people in my clinic, and know for sure that some people really feel very unwell without animal flesh in their diet.

Being that I could never slaughter an animal myself, and I don't crave meat at has not been a part of my diet for a long time. My husband, on the other hand, paid for a live chicken while trekking in Nepal, slaughtered it and ate it all himself: He can cope with the reality of it all; I respect that. He also eats almost every part of the animal, so none goes to waste (I'm not a fan of the sound of chicken bones crunching though, bless him!).

Anyway, I spent a happy afternoon today tied to the kitchen, cooking (while playing referee to my two children's interactions). I was making organic beef meatballs for my husband and vegan meatballs for me. I used a new recipe which turned out delicious! I made some adjustments because I rarely follow recipes to a tee, so I added extra virgin olive oil ( cooking sprays bring me out in a mental rash), onions and some chopped chilli pepper. I also didn't chop up the pumpkin seeds - am a lazy bones perhaps - but they were lovely whole!

A great recipe. I served it with pasta but I think it would be grand with basmati rice too. Enjoy!


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