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Aim for a galaxy ripple: your poo in chocolate

My dear friend Andrew very thoughtfully sent me the stool chart below. He probably knows that one of my primary assessment tools is asking people about their poo (goat? camel? cow pat? if you've worked with me you've been through it! ). I thankfully, unlike Gillian McKeith, do not look at my client's poo but certainly like to know about it. Your poo says a lot about you. My little brother went as far as to joke that I should approach people in public who fart and explain to them why they need my services; because I can tell by the scent of a fart what state a person's bowels may be in (we all have our talents): I have not done this yet, but perhaps I could make millions developing a scentometer? Anyway - about your poo - aim for the galaxy ripple below. And if your poo is consistently similar to the other types, do get in touch; I can help!

Have a wonderful weekend :-)


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