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Dental nutrition: expanding practice

Hello everyone,

It's been such a busy summer. I was expecting clinic to go quiet over August like it normally does, but instead the work demands seem to have doubled - I feel so blessed to be helping people feel better!

I am very excited to be starting work at the unique and outstanding Granta Dental centre in Newnham, Cambridge. It will compliment my existing practice at The Therapy Room - a place I love dearly. This change is in addition to my imminent departure from my NHS position and introduction into Cambridgeshire's weight loss services (both clinical and public health) at the beginning of September - more on that later. I am hoping to create a lot of waves of change!

Granta Dental is unique among dental services in that, like me, it believes in the principle of 'first do no harm'. Such focused, renowned and gifted holistic dentists who help people overcome dental challenges with minimal invasive treatment are rare. If you find yourself dealing with recurrent dental issues, it is worth the investment to have a consultation with Granta's dentists. True healing comes from identifying and healing the source of the problem, rather than putting a 'plaster' on it. Every time the director of the clinic, Helen, explains something to me I am in awe! I am very excited to learn as much as I can about their work as I join the team.

My work at Granta will involve general nutrition counselling and will also specialise in ensuring we're creating the most efficient immune system, systemic and oral health possible for each patient. Here's a link to learn a little more:

Hope to see you there :-)



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