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Dog meat festival and hypocrisy

All of you have probably noticed the petition going around about how disgraceful the Yulin dog meat festival is in China. To most people signing this petition, and posting it all over social media, you're committing a ridiculous, misguided (but probably well intentioned) act. Unless you're a vegan, or exclusively eat pasture raised meat or poultry (or have been inspired to become either of the above by this petition) you need to take a good old look in the mirror before criticising another culture's food habits. This is especially true given that these dogs probably had more freedom to walk around in their lives, then the pigs, cows and chickens of Westernised animal rearing methods ever will. I have always been irritated by seeing Facebook posts complaining about the suffering of fluffy little doggies posted by a particular kind of person: That is, if the post is on the wall of someone who, the week before, was posting pictures of how they fulfilled their meat craving: giant, greasy burgers, sausages, conventionally raised meat and so on. If you care about animal welfare, take some action for the sake of all animals. It's true, fluffy doggies should not be made to suffer by humans, but a fluffy doggie is no more important then a cow, pig, chicken, duck or goose. Have you seen where conventional meat and poultry comes from? Conventionally raised egg laying chickens? If you don't want to see this, that's your choice but please, leave other cultures alone and get on with your overloading of was-a-suffering-animal protein foods.

For the record: I believe humans are omnivores, and consuming animal protein is normal, if not advised. But the way in which we do it needs to be addressed.

Here's a link to a wonderful article which rants less then me, but I completely agree with.


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