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Nutrition heals: A testimonial

It's hard to believe it's April already (not that you can really tell by the weather). It has been ages since I posted here: clinic has been so busy and when I wasn't working/mothering or running after the dreaded-pile-of-laundry-which-never-ends, I was trying to train for my Yorkshire Peak Challenge. I want to thank everyone who sponsored me from the bottom of my heart - I succeeded to climb the three peaks with my lovely little team in terrible weather with the only injury being a few chilblains on my fingers and a bit of a runny nose. It was so exhilarating. I've attached a photo of us at the top of our last peak to this post.

I received a testimonial from one of my recently discharged patients this evening. I am in this job for the reward of seeing people reach their true potential, so every testimonial is very moving for me. Her experience of nutrition is true for most patients who make a dietary and lifestyle changeover: you get a lot more then you came for. You may just be seeking help for weight loss, but you will notice many other bothersome symptoms you've almost got used to, go away. I've watched this happen with digestive problems, skin disorders, libido, menstrual challenges, depression and more. Give good nutrition a chance - it can be mind blowing.

Testimonial from C.K., female:

As I enjoy my cup of golden tea (as recommended by Dalia), I reflect on all the help and support she has given me over the last 6 months or so. She quickly identified from my food diary why I wasn't losing any weight despite doing a lot of exercise. She then drew up a detailed plan of the types of things I should eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which was easy to follow. Sticking to the plan quickly led to weight loss and without feeling hungry. After several months on this new diet, I now know there is no going back for me, I have made permanent changes to my way of eating. I feel capable of managing this going forward, unlike other diets where I have always put the weight back on. Dalia is also very encouraging, and has lots of tips to help with various issues. We tried lots of different things to help regulate my bowel movements, this was a trickier issue to fix, but Dalia kept suggesting new things to try and we got there in the end I think!

Beyond the issues for which I initially went to see Dalia for, I also noticed immediate considerable improvement to period pain, when I started to follow the new eating plan. For that reason alone, I will stick to the it! I also haven't had any of the joint pain symptoms for which I consulted my GP last year... I can't recommend Dalia enough. She is very warm and welcoming, is an expert in her field, and she genuinely cares about her patients. I wouldn't have been able to sort out my issues without her. If you go and see her with an open mind, and follow her instructions and advice, you will quickly see the benefits too!

Have a wonderful week everybody!


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