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"I'm a forward type of person" - it is never too late to embrace healthy habits

Last week a patient left my (NHS type) clinic saying to me 'Where do you get the enthusiasm from?' - she was baffled. I was grinning from ear to ear, bouncing up and down in my chair because she (a lady in her 60's) was a vision of positive changes as she sat there nonchalantly telling me of what she had achieved. It had taken a few months but she was now eating simple, mainly plant based foods, her joints had stopped aching, she had lost weight, her skin was glowing and she was also amazed that eating this way was cheaper ! She was saving money, her health and enjoying her food! This woman is a cancer survivor and was oh-so-lethargic when we first met. I never tire of watching people turn and run towards embracing their full health potential.

The article below is a wonderful source of inspiration to those of you who are feeling it may be too late, or too complicated to change your habits. Read about this incredible one hundred year old woman who began running in her 60's during a deep, grief based depression. I wish I could meet her.

She says “I never want to go backwards,” she said. “I’m a forward type of person.”

Have a wonderful week :-)


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