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Testimonial: Nutrition for asthma, food allergies and optimal digestion

Hello everyone! I just received a lovely testimonial from my client MT who came to me with multiple food allergies, low energy, upset digestion and asthma. MT gave the dietary changes we made her all and it has been a joy to watch her flower! You are what you eat - you won't regret working on it!

'I have been suffering with different food allergies and didn't know which way to turn. Having regular catch ups with Dalia has not only improved my health tenfold, but has made me very aware of how clean eating can benefit a multitude of ailments. Dalia has been a delight to work with; so supportive, friendly, and always just a text away should I need any helpful advice. Without her guidance and support, I wouldn't be the (healthier!) person I am today.'


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