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Testimonial: Type 2 Diabetes does not need to end with Insulin Injections!

It's been a while since I posted; life has been very busy in the best possible way. I am closing in on 36 weeks pregnant with my third child (God willing) while clinic has been beautifully busy. Thank you to all my precious patients for trusting in me and letting me do my best to help you return to yourselves.

If there's something that gets my back up it's when medical doctors tell patients with type 2 diabetes that they are all going to end up on insulin anyway. It is completely inaccurate and deeply unfair on the patient's own ability to minimise the impact this horrible condition has on them through lifestyle changes.

Please see below for a recent testimonial from one of my patients (thank you DD for this!).

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes there is a LOT we can do to manage and even reverse the condition. Please take the diagnosis as an opportunity to rebuild your health - you may end up feeling better and being healthier then you have in decades!

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 7years ago and for many years my control was good although truthfully I didn't really watch what I was eating as well as I should have. I knew I should stay away from chocolate and processed sugar but I never really felt I understood anything else about what I should or should not be eating. In the last 2 years my blood sugar has been much higher than normal and by last November I was consistently over 10 when I tested myself at home. I knew I had to get this back under control so I found Dalia's information and arranged an appointment. This was the best move I could have made in taking back control of my life from Diabetes.

I went into Dalia's office for my first appointment with a bad attitude - don't tell me I have to cook, I don't have time to cook, everything has to be portable and quick, I don't eat this and that, I hate healthy food etc.! And she said no problem. She gave me practical advice that worked with my life, and working meal by meal she helped me to transform how I was eating and even how I thought about food. Over the course of 5 appointments, 1 per month, my A1C went from 58 to 43, my cholesterol lowered and I lost 5Kg. More importantly I'm enjoying what I'm eating and I haven't had to cut out treats entirely, just be more sensible about them. I'm not saying it was a magical quick fix. It did take work and dedication and a willingness to put my health first but I could not have achieved any of it without Dalia's advice and support. I heartily recommend talking to Dalia if you are a Type 2. Most of the information we get when diagnosed is vague and assumes the same rules are true for everybody. However, everybody is different in what will drive up their blood sugar. Dalia's advice is specific, practical and targeted and if you follow the advice it will help you to control your blood sugar and enjoy your food.


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